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Canadian Power Squadrons Foundation
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Welcome to The CPS Foundation

Information Station

About The CPS Foundation

Who We Are

  • The Canadian Power Squadrons Foundation (the CPS Foundation) is a charitable Corporation established in 1975 (Letters Patent November 5, 1975), and is a separate entity from Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons/Escadrilles canadiennes de plaisance (CPS-ECP).
  • Today the Foundation is a strong, well-established, successful organization, managed by five Directors elected by Foundation Members at its Annual General Meeting.


  • To provide funding for training and study courses and facilities in the field of boating, seamanship, piloting, navigation and safe handling of boats of all kind.
  • And to extend support to the objectives of the Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons

Funding Guidelines, Governance & Grants

  • The Foundation retains and invests all donated funds and only disburses the returns, subject to minimum annual distribution requirements established by The Charities Directorate.
  • The Charities Directorate decrees there be a separation between the Foundation and CPS-ECP
  • Funding is regularly provided to CPS-ECP as Grants for specific projects, at the discretion of the Foundation Directors who consider all suggested projects in the light of usefulness to the organization as a whole.

Success & Management

  • Much of the credit for the success of the Foundation goes to the Members of CPS-ECP and many personal donations to the various programs in a special and generous way.
  • All donations are placed in a professionally managed investment account to facilitate a solid base to ensure long term financial health.
  • Management is provided by a Board of seven Directors elected from the Foundation Membership
  • Membership in the Foundation is by Director invitation.

Current Programs

  • Memorial Log: This is the Foundation's longest-running program dating back to 1975.
  • Honour Roll: This is a Squadron or District program and is our most beneficial program in terms of fund building.
  • Affinity Pin: This program provides an opportunity for personal recognition and/or participation.


  • E-transfer services for donations are now available. To use this feature please review the process under the “Donations tab” then select the appropriate category tab and follow the E-transfer instructions:
    • Memorial Log Donations
    • Honour Roll Donations
    • General Donations
  • Alternatively, you can continue to send your donations via cheque thru the CPS-ECP National Office as noted on the respective donation tab and form, or phone 1-888-277-2628 ext. 0157