Affinity Pin

The CPS Foundation Affinity Pin Program

Something special happens when a group of boating enthusiasts get together and it is hard to define what it is exactly. Webster defines affinity as a force that draws people with common interests together and holds them together almost indefinitely.

This magnetic attraction may be just as powerful as the benign magnetic force we rely on to steer our vessels and the smart thing to do may be to soak all of it up! We know the energy of the group is greater than the sum of its individual energies, so we suggest you join our Foundation group and see how effective you can make it.

Our pin, the symbol for infinity, typifies the “forever” aspect of Foundation’s mission. We would like you to wear one. Without one, we would consider you almost naked. For a gift of $50.00, no tax receipt, we’ll fix your lapel and complete your wardrobe.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you and a great way to thank a colleague.

You may order your Affinity Pin either through the CPS-ECP on-line store or via regular mail to the CPS-ECP National Office or send your request to or phone 1-888-277-2628 ext. 0157

The CPS Foundation Affinity Pin Program Donors