Grant Application

General Guidelines for Applying for a CPS Foundation Grant 

To assist in evaluating a request for funding, it is recommended that the following topics be addressed when submitting such request:

(a) Project Description
Provide a detailed description of the project to be funded. Provide sufficient detail to meet the Foundation’s objective.

(b) Benefit to CPS-ECP 
Provide detail on the benefit to CPS-ECP in providing education in safe boating.

(c) Project Cost
Provide a detailed project costing analysis for development, production, and distribution. In addition state the amount of funding requested and any amount to be funded by CPS-ECP.

(d) Time for Completion
Supply details of the time estimate for each phase of the project from inception through distribution.

(e) Production
Include details of development, production, and distribution, ensuring that the final project meets the Foundation’s objective.

(f) Benefit to the Membership
Provide the benefits of the project to CPS-ECP members and why it is unique and/or beneficial to them.

(g) Acknowledgement
Provide an acknowledgement for the generosity provided by the Foundation in the completed project. CPS-ECP will report the support provided by the Foundation to the members.

Full details on applying for a CPS Foundation Grant

CPS-ECP support to the Foundation : Note that The CPS Foundation pays no salaries of any kind and CPS-ECP funding of the Foundation is limited to the provision of some office expenses.