Canadian Power Squadrons Foundation

There are Four Ways to Donate to The CPS Foundation

1.  The CPS Foundation Honour Roll

2.  The CPS Foundation Memorial Log

3.  General Donations to the Foundation

4.  Affinity Pin Program

The CPS Foundation Honour Roll

The Honour Roll is the Foundation's main source of income.

The 100% Honour Roll Challenge

The Squadrons that give $1.00 for each member per year, receive a Merit Certificate and are registered on the Honour Roll. For the Districts, their names are entered on the Honour Roll when they donate $1.00 for all of their members within the District per year.

The GOLD Honour Roll Challenge

To participate in the Foundation’s GOLD Challenge, a donation of $10.00 for each Squadron Member or $10.00 for each District Member is required. Several Squadrons and Districts have risen to this challenge and are showing in a very positive, tangible way, their contribution to the success of CPS-ECP.

Please note: Because Income Tax receipts are not issued for Honour Roll Donations, 100% of your donation enters and stays forever in our Capital Account.

The CPS Foundation Memorial Log 

The Memorial Log has existed since the Foundation's inception and enshrines the names of Squadron Members and others who have been memorialized over many, many years.

The log can also be used to recognize a significant event such as:

  • A Squadron's or District's significant anniversary
  • A CPS-ECP Member achieving their Life Membership
  • Or the marking of another significant event

In the case of a deceased member, the memorial is acknowledged to the donor(s) and the bereaved family is suitably informed. A numbered receipt will be issued for each donation of $25.00 or more. The charitable receipt issued to individuals can be used in calculating the charitable donations credit for income tax purposes.

General Donations to the Foundation

If you would prefer to make a general donation to the CPS Foundation you may do so using the donation form links available in "Methods of Donation” below.

The CPS Foundation Affinity Pin Program

You may order your Affinity Pin either through the CPS-ECP on-line store or via regular mail to the CPS-ECP National Office as outlined on the Affinity Pin tab.

Methods of Donation Include:

1.  By E-Transfer -  use the email address when setting up through your bank and identify the type of donation (Honour Roll, Memorial Log or General Donation) in the appropriate message window. Funds will be automatically deposited to the bank account of the Foundation and you will receive a transaction acknowledgement from Interac who facilitates e-Transfers for the banking system. A notice of your transfer will automatically be provided to the Foundation Treasurer for  recording purposes.

In conjunction with the e-Transfer transaction, please forward the appropriate (Honour Roll, Memorial Log or General Donation) e-transfer donation form, PDF Version or Word Version as an attachment to to facilitate documentation processing.

2.  By Cheque - You can download the appropriate (Honour Roll Memorial Log or General Donation) donation form (PDF Version) or (Word Version) complete and mail with your cheque made payable to The CPS Foundation to the address noted on the form.

Or you can send your donation request to or phone 1-888-277-2628 ext. 0157

Notes: Honour Roll and Memorial Log donation form links are available on the respective tabs.

General Donation Form links: