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October 2023

Members of the CPS Foundation and recipients of Honour Roll Certificates

 at the 2023 CPS-ECP National Conference AGM held in Windsor, ON.  October 2023.

The CPS Foundation supports the CPS-ECP Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC) On-line Relaunch

June 2023

  • The CPS Foundation is pleased to announce that it has committed to provide funds in the aggregate amount of $75,000 to assist CPS–ECP with its On-line PCOC Marketing effort to capture more of the market for CPS-ECP. Funding is to be provided over 3 years at $25,000 per year with the first distribution made in June 2023.
  • This marketing effort is the result of a partnership of CPS-ECP and the Kerwill Media Group to promote the new PCOC Website and landing page.
  • This new PCOC program will provide easier access for students and encourage them to become members of CPS-ECP.
  • Go to to view the new entry level website for the CPS-ECP PCOC.

The CPS Foundation Announces the Election of New Officers

May 2023

  • At the Foundation’s May 25, 2023 Annual General Meeting, new Officers were elected to serve the next year:
    • Joe Gatfield – Chair
    • Mal Blann – Vice-Chair
    • Cathie Johnstone – Secretary
    • Doug Stewart – Treasurer
    • Larry Hicks – Immediate Past Chair
  • Including the above, the following continue to serve the CPS Foundation:
    • R. John Garside – Director
    • John Hinksman – Director
    • Sheila Boutcher – Member
    • Robert Pepin – Member
  • A detailed biography of each of the above and can be viewed in the Members tab. (Click Here)



It is with much emotion that we remember our friend and fellow Foundation family member, Ghislain Arsenault, who passed on June 25, 2022.

Ghislain became a CPS-ECP member in 1979 and immediately became involved as a volunteer.

It was with heart and passion that Ghislain participated in the success of CPS-ECP at all levels, accumulating 43 Merit Marks over the years. As a career teacher he was active in teaching various courses, but in addition he served as a Squadron and District Commander, translator of courses, Chair of French Editorial Review and Curriculum Committees, Senior Aide to Chief Commanders, CPS-ECP General Director and Assistant National Training Officer.

Ghislain also served with the Canadian Power Squadrons Foundation for 17 years, 15 of which in the capacity of Director. In addition to his welcome sage advice and counsel, he provided operational up-dates on the organization and handled all communication translations.

Family was of great importance to Ghislain. We offer our most sincere condolences to his wife Jeannine, their children Élaine, Michèle and François, other members of his family, and all his friends.

Ghislain was a gentleman’s gentleman who was always ready to step in to help and always with a positive approach. We are sad with his loss but in gratitude that we had the honour and benefit of his presence over so many years.

Thank you, Ghislain, for showing us the way. Your memory will remain with us forever.

CPS Foundation supports the CPS-ECP “Give a Little-Help a Lot” Campaign

February 2022

  • The CPS Foundation is pleased to announce that it has made a $100,000 contribution to the CPS-ECP “Give a Little-Help a Lot” Campaign to assist the Educational Department in the development and up-grade of courses. 
  • This is an unsolicited contribution which meets the primary mission objective of the Foundation to support educational programs. It has been made possible by the participation of CPS-ECP Members, Squadrons and Districts in the Foundation’s Honour Roll, Memorial Log and General Donation programs. 
  • Their confidence in the Foundation’s management of their donated funds for greater eventual returns has facilitated the Foundation in making this contribution and the Foundation would like to express appreciation for their on-going support.

  CPS Foundation Delivers Grant to National Outreach Committee

June 2021

  • The CPS Foundation provided a $10,000 grant to the CPS-ECP Educational Department’s Outreach Committee for upgrading and expanding the use of the current Moodle platform which is used for both CPS-ECP Courses and Operations Training.
  • This funding was the result of an application received from Ottawa Squadron on behalf of the National Outreach Committee and supported by the National Educational Officer.
  • This grant was a matching grant made possible by a generous donation to the Foundation by Ottawa Squadron in the amount of $5,000, for which the Foundation is very appreciative.

Funding for National Membership Recovery Project

December 2020

  • The CPS Foundation provided a $33,600 grant to CPS-ECP in December 2020 to fully fund a National Membership Recovery Project planned for implementation during the Winter/Spring of 2021.
  • This funding was the result of an application received from the CPS-ECP National Membership Committee Chair, Bob Parke and supported by the CPS-ECP National Administrative Officer, Don Macintosh to facilitate efforts to recover CPS-ECP Members who had not renewed their Membership for one reason or another since 2018.
  • This included dedicating staff to directly assist members who have been experiencing technical difficulties accessing their on-line profiles within the CPS-ECP database.
  • We are pleased to be able to support a program that will provide such direct assistance to the CPS-ECP Membership.

Bob Parke the National Membership Officer (right) receiving funding for the National Membership Renewal Project from the Chair of the CPS Foundation Larry Hicks, on behalf of the CPS Foundation December 2020.

Recipients of Honour Roll Certificates at the 2019 CPS-ECP National Conference AGM held in Victoria, B.C. October 2019.

CPS Foundation Continues to Support New CPS-ECP IT Program

October 2019

The CPS Foundation donated $100,000 to CPS-ECP during the 2019 National Conference held in Victoria, B.C. in support of the new CPS-ECP IT Program. This increased total contributions from the Foundation for this program to $270,000. This $100,000 donation was in response to a request from CPS-ECP to cover budgeted costs of the IT System, and was part of a commitment from the Foundation to provide $100,000 up-front in 2019.

C/C Charles Beall (right)  accepting the cheque from CPS Foundation Chair John Hinksman.

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